Military Information

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    Look to this page for info. on military visits, events and more! 

    ASVAB Test:

    October 10, 2018. See Mrs. Kim in the Counseling Office to sign up. Score a 74 or higher and you may qualify for a military $180,000 scholarship. Meet with a military recruiter for more information.


    Upcoming Military Visits:  dates coming soon

    Marine visits in the quad at lunch: Mondays- 9/10/18, 10/15/18, 11/26/18

    Navy visits in the quad at lunch:Mondays- 9/17/18, 10/1/18, 10/22/18, 11/5/18,12/3/18

    Army National Guard visits in the Career Center at lunch: 2/12/19

     For more information on military academies or specific recruiter contacts, please stop by the Career Center.