Culinary Academy

  • The Fullerton High School Culinary and Hospitality Academy provides students with the foundation
    needed for challenging careers in the field of hospitality.

    The Culinary and Hospitality Academy offers a four-year sequence of courses that provides training in the basic
    techniques of professional food preparation and service. The industry driven curriculum includes but is not limited to: sanitation and safety, use of equipment, menu planning, quantity food production, event planning, catering, recipe costing, and customer service.

Culinary Essentials I

  • (Year One)

    • Sanitation and Safety
    • Nutrition
    • Introduction to Baking
    • Basic Cooking
    • echniques
    • Meal Planning
    • Knife Skills

Culinary Essentials II

  • (Year Two)

    • Sanitation and safety
    • World Cuisine
    • Knife Skills
    • Time Management
    • Recipe Execution

Restaurant I

  • Prostart Year 1

    Nat’l Restaurant Assoc. Approved

    (Year Three)

    • History of World Cuisine
    • Food and Kitchen Safety
    • Industry Careers
    • Stocks, Sauces, and Soups
    • Fruit, Vegetable, and Grain Cookery
    • Hospitality Pathway

Restaurant II

  • Prostart Year 2

    Nat’l Restaurant Assoc. Approved

    (Year Four)

    • Foundation of Restaurant Management
    • Recipe Costing
    • Operation of an on-going Campus Catering Program and Bakery
    • Advanced Cooking Techniques
    • Nutrition

Special Features

    • Guest speakers
    • Catering and event planning
    • Students learn to work as a team
    • Students learn critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Prepare students for smooth school to career transitions
    • Community service hours to meet Prostart criteria


  • Chef Mario Schwarz-Cole

    Culinary Essentials II and Prostart Instructor

    Islah Shinault

    Culinary Essentials I Instructor