• Special Teams 


    Special Teams is an optional seventh-period class that provides opportunities for cadets to learn and compete in drill and raider meets. Cadets interested in drill may take part in inspections, regulation sequences, exhibition sequences, and color guard sequences. For those who are seeking more adventurous and physical activities, the raider team would also be great fit for them as they compete in obstacle courses and marksmanship. Special Teams is considered a club at Sonora, but is also an entire class on its own, being an F-requirement course (visual and performing arts).


    At Special Teams, cadets learn how to compete with other schools throughout the year in drill. Drill consists of inspections, regulation sequences, and exhibition sequences. For both armed and unarmed inspections, cadets are questioned by judges and tested on their military bearing and knowledge. The unarmed regulation team competes by executing a drill sequence that requires them to march. The armed regulation team is similar, except for the addition of drill rifles. The unarmed exhibition team competes by performing a sequence of original drill, unregulated in the aspect where teams can get as creative with their movements while preserving a drill-like routine (usually involving clapping, snapping, stomping, etc.). The armed exhibition team is similar in that it is unregulated, but with the addition of drill rifles. Cadets in the armed exhibition are able to showcase their proficiency with the drill rifle, often spinning, tossing, and throwing their rifles.


    The raider team provides a unique experience for those who are athletic and adventurous, focusing on physical training, knot tying, map reading, and marksmanship. Cadets work together to compete in obstacle races and many other challenging activities requiring a great deal of trust and coordination within the team. This team gets a special uniform called the ACU (Army Combat Uniform.



    The color guard team consists of the highest achieving cadets in Special Teams, requiring them to have excellent skills in marching, flag drill, rifle drill, military bearing, and knowledge. As well as competing against other schools, color guard teams also perform at ceremonies such as football games, military balls, or whenever the community requires them to present the flags. This team is held in high regard and competes in the Class A uniform.