• Please read all of the important information below: 



    Final class schedules will be available to view in Aeries after 4:30pm on Friday, August 11th. 


    Schedule ​Changes

    After Orientation, ALL schedule changes must be done online using the 2023-24 Sonora High School Course Request Change Form. Students may only request schedule changes using the Google form beginning Sunday, August 13th through Friday, August 18th at 4:00pm. This form may be submitted once and can only be accessed using the student's FJUHSD email. This is the student's nine-digit ID number, for example, 123456789@fjuhsd.org. Any request submitted via email will not be approved. If you have emailed your counselor, please resubmit your request using the 2023-24 Sonora High School Course Request Change Form.


    Students may NOT request changes to their schedules for the following reasons:

        - Changes based on teacher preference

        - Changes based on period preference

        - Adding/changing electives that were not chosen in the spring during registration


    Schedule changes may be permitted for the following reasons:

        - Missing a class

        - Took and passed a class on their schedule already

        - Class level is incorrect (i.e. honors class when it should be college prep)

        - Have an open period/gap in their schedule

        - Missing their sport/dance/cheer course on the schedule (will need coach's signature   

           to add)

        - Want to change an elective class in order to maintain A-G eligibility (for 4-year  



    Leveling Down or Up

    If a student wishes to level down from a weighted course (honors, IB, AP) during the first week of school, please fill out the online schedule change form. After the first week of school, students requesting to level down must pick up a Level Change Form from the Guidance Office. 


    Seniors Requesting Free Periods

    Seniors who are on track for graduation may request to have a free period. Free periods are only available in periods 1 and 6. Classes that will take a student off A-G eligibility will not be dropped, per AB 1012. Students should email their counselors to request a free period. If the free period is approved, students must fill out the necessary paperwork. Free periods cannot occur after the last day of the first quarter of the semester as per Board Policy. After the first quarter, students drop a course with the letter grade of “F” posted to their transcript. FJUHSD does not recommend students take free periods as it can affect college acceptance, competitiveness, and/or readiness.


    Appointments with Counselors

    Please note that counselors can not schedule individual appointments until after the second week of school when student schedule changes are resolved. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  Please see the contact information and counselor breakdown below: 


    Last names: A - Fletes

    Ms. Cervantes: lcervantes@fjuhsd.org


    Last names: Flores - Marquez

    Mr. Sullivan: jsullivan@fjuhsd.org


    Last names: Martin - Ruelas

    Mrs. Jackson-Gomez: rjacksongomez@fjuhsd.org


    Last names: Ruiz - Z + All AVID students

    Mrs. López: alopez@fjuhsd.org

    2023-24 Sonora High School Course Request Change Form