Program Brochure

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  • Program Objective: 

    Our program’s objective is to prepare students for careers or higher institutions of learning in the graphic design, virtual production, animation, VFX, or video game development industry. In the capstone class, students will get the opportunity to team up with other students and produce their own virtual production, computer-animated short, or video game that can be published on YouTube or online app stores.

    Course Sequence

    Introduction to Game Design and Digital Media Arts
    (9th or 10th grade)
    Software Covered: Unity Game Engine, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Premiere
    Major Topics: Graphic Design, Game Design, Level Design, Character Design, Illustration, 2D Animation Production, Video Editing

    Intermediate Game Design and Digital Media Arts
    (10th or 11th Grade)
    Software Covered: Unity 3D Engine, Autodesk Maya, Unreal Game Engine
    Major Topics: 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, 3D Animations, 3D Game Engine, Particle Effects, Lighting, Rendering, Post-Processing, Game Deployment

    Advance Game Design and Digital Media Arts
    (11th or/and 12th Grade)
    Software Covered: Adobe After Effects, Blender, Autodesk Maya, Unreal Game Engine, SideFX Houdini
    Major Topics: Compositing 2D and 3D, Sculpting Humanoids, 3D Rigging, 3D Humanoid Animations, VFX, Cinematography
    *Students may take Advance Game Design and Digital Media Arts again if they complete the course in the 11th grade)

    Culminating Certificate:

    Each year, students will earn at least 1 industry certification.

    Here is the list of certifications that students can earn:

    Adobe Certified Professional in Photoshop
    Adobe Certified Professional in Illustrator
    Adobe Certified Professional in Premiere
    Adobe Certified Professional in After Effects
    Unity Certified User: Artist
    Autodesk Maya Certified User

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