• Attendance Policies

    The Attendance Office is open between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:30

    • Belia Stone,  Attendance Office 562-266-2012
    • Janelle Rodela, Attendance Office 562-266-2012
    • 24 hour Line to excuse absences: 562-266-2047 *only to be used for all-day absences (not for arriving late, leaving early, or single period absences)
    • Jacqueline Barry, Assistant Principal 562-266-2063, jbarry@fjuhsd.org       

    Excused absences are:

        • Verified Illness
        • Medical Appointments with Doctor’s Note
        • Recognized Religious Observances/Holidays
        • Religious Retreats/Trips/Education (up to 4 hours per semester as seen in the Ed Code 48205)
        • Court Appearance (with documentation)
        • Funerals (1 day local, 3 days out of state)


      • Unexcused Absences:
      • All day unexcused absences will result in Saturday School. 7 or more period truancies in a 2-week period will result in Saturday School as well.
        • Absences not cleared within three (3) days are considered unexcused.
        • If a student leaves campus without permission at any time, it is unexcused. You cannot clear up an absence after-the-fact.


    • Unexcused absences are:
      • Family Vacation/Trips
      • Family Emergencies
      • Assistance at Home or Work
      • Babysitting Family Members
      • Driving Family Members to Doctor’s Appointments
      • Oversleeping
      • Traffic
      • DMV Appointments
      • Senior Pictures
      • Studying for Exams
      • Anything other than the list of excused absences above
      • Wedding


    Reporting & Clearing Absences:

    • All absences should be cleared within three (3) days or the absence will be considered unexcused and the student will need to serve Saturday School.
      • All-day absences can be left on the 24/hour line
      • Parent/Guardian can call the attendance office
      • Parent/Guardian can write a note for student to give to attendance office upon their return
      • Student's Name
      • Reason for the Absence
      • Date of Absence
      • Parent/Guardian Signature (for notes)
      • When a student is absent, the parent or legal guardian should report the absence via:
      • Parent Calls and Notes Should State:
      • If a student is absent for 5 or more days, a doctor’s note is required.
      • E-mail is not an authorized way to report an absence.
      • Absence letters will be mailed home if student accumulates three, six, or nine unexcused absences.


    Late Arrivals:

        • Students need a valid reason for being late to school. Traffic, oversleeping, having to take someone else to school/work, or alarm malfunction are not valid reasons. A note or phone call from a parent/guardian is needed to excuse a tardy. Excessive tardies will result in Saturday School.
        • 6 or more tardies (to any period) in a 2-week cycle receive a 1 hour after school detention. 3 or more tardies in a 6-week period also result in tutorial for the following 6 weeks.
      • Leaving Early:


    • Contact the attendance office by note, phone call, or in-person (by parent/guardian) to the Attendance Office prior to leaving school. No exceptions!


    The following information is needed for a student to be released early from school:

    1. Student Name
    2. Reason for leaving (must be an excusable absence)
    3. Time to Leave (not the appointment time)
    4. Parent/Guardian signature, phone call, or pick up in person


    *If a student leaves without checking out through the attendance office, even if the parent picked them up, the absence will NOT be excused. It is a safety concern for students to leave campus without checking out. We need to know which students are on and off-campus at ALL times!

    • Attendance Corrections:
      • If an error has been made in attendance, the student should print out their attendance from ABI and take it to the appropriate teacher to discuss the situation. The teacher can then fill out an attendance correction form. Please understand that we cannot correct the attendance without something from the teacher.
    • Special Request to Miss School/ Short Term Independent Study Contracts:
      • A student requiring time off from school for an extended period of time for a reason other than the approved absences stated above must set up a meeting with the Assistant Principal, Jacqueline Barry, to see if an independent study contract is available. If the student misses school without setting up an independent study contract, the absences will be unexcused. Independent Study contracts take approximately a week to set up. The student must complete all work and turn it into Jacqueline Barry the day they return, or the absences will be unexcused. Independent Study contracts are for 5 or more days only.