• Doing Some Research? Check Out These Databases!

    Databases are great resources to get you started on research. Sonora HS has access to three databases for your studies. 

    Here’s the list of databases available to you:

    • EBSCOhost: EBSCOhost provides several helpful resources including 9 different databases consisting of unique topics, eBooks, and several reference centers on various school-related subjects. 

      • To enter the database, you may be prompted to log in. Here’s the login information:

        • Username: sonorahs

        • Password: Please contact your librarian

    • Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context: This database contains pro/con articles from a wide range of social issues. There is also access to essays, images, and related websites on the topics, which can be beneficial when researching controversial topics.

      • Password: fjuhsd

    • Gale Student Resources in Context: This database contains reference information to a vast assortment of subjects. It could be useful to start your search here to provide you with background information on specific topics.

      • Password: fjuhsd



    Google Scholar - Google’s version of a database that allows you to browse for scholarly articles. This is a great place to begin your research. 

    Google Books - Grants access to many different eBooks and texts. This can be useful if you are trying to find an online, full-text version of a book. 


    Public Libraries Near You:

    Orange County Public Library

    Fullerton Public Library