North Orange County Regional Occuaptional Programs
    The Regional Occupational Program (ROP) is free to all high school students and offers hands-on training to develop marketable skills and to encourage good work attitudes. Studens can earn elective credits by taking an ROP class during the regular school day and/or after school. And certain ROP classes can fulfill the UC approved a-g list. Students who take ROP classes attain entry-level job skills, prepare for well-paying careers, and prepare for advanced career training.
    Arts, Media & Visual Entertainment
    Building Trades & Construction
    Education, Child Development & Family Services
    Finance & Business
    Health Science & Medical Technology
    Hospitality,Tourism & Recreation/ Aquatics / Culinary Arts / Theme Park
    Manufacturing & Product Development
    Marketing, Sales & Service
    Public Services

    Regional Course Schedule & Availability
    If you are interested in taking a Regional course, outside of the Troy campus, after school, you'll need to:
    1.  View the schedule to see about availability on the link provided 
    2.  Type in responses on this form 
    3.  Bring the completed form and meet with Mr. Diaz (Counseling Office) at break, lunch or after school to discuss and input pre-registration materials

    Parent Consent Form For Regional Courses


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