College & Career Center 
  • Mission Statement
    The mission of La Vista & La Sierra's Career Center is to be a comprehensive resource center dedicated to empowering students as active participants in their own career development.
    The Career Center offers career exploration and university strategies to students & parents. By providing guidance/advice on how to make decisions, set goals and plan.
    The Career Center hosts a series of events on campus: university visits, college fairs, and workshops / programs. Students should log into their Counseling Website for information.

    Work Permit 
    You may print out or download your work permit and fill it out online using Kami.
    Directions In Filling Out Your Work Permit
    Step 1: Fill Out "Minor's Information"
    Step 2: Fill Out "School Information" 
    Step 3: Please have your employer fill out and sign his section titled "To be filled in & signed by employer"
    Step 4: Please have your parents sign and date their section titled "To be filled in & signed by parent or legal guardian"
    Final Step: Once you have completed Steps 1 - 4. Then you will bring your work permit to the Counseling Department. 
    Download Work Permit 
    Please use Kami to fill out your work permit online.  If you don't know how to use Kami, here is a quick video of how to use it  - https://www.youtube.com/kami
    ** Return your work permit to the counseling department**

    California Career Zone
     The California CareerZone is a web based career explorations system available free of charge. Users can learn about themselves and how they might match-up with 900 O*NET occupations that detail the job definition, interests, tasks, skills, and more. Approximately 300 of the occupations have videos showing a typical day in the life of someone in that occupation.

    Disneyland Jobs

  • Educational Videos

       Mr.Aldaco (La Vista's Guidance Technician)  |  Mrs. Hernandez Mejia (La Sierra's Guidance Technician)
    caldaco@fjuhsd.org  (714) 447-5533  |  ehernandezmejia@fjuhsd.org  (714) 447-5535
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