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  •  “If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges                                                       

    ~Pat Riley, former NBA coach  


  • Course Philosophy

    The Academy course is designed to promote student growth by teaching necessary organizational, communication, and emotional skills in order to become college and career ready. There are three areas of focus for Academy: relationships, routines, and resilience. 

     Relationship focus: Importance to get to know our students individually and help them connect to their peers. Students will work to build a connection with their teachers and their Academy class as well.

    Routines focus: Establish safe and supportive environments; clear, simple directions and model expectations. Students will be in safe and supportive environments where clear and focused directions are given. The teacher will model the class expectations as well as help students establish study routines and access support resources.

    Resiliency focus: activities that allow our students to counteract stress and trauma (thrive in balance). Students will participate in activities that allow them to counteract stress and trauma.

     Learning Outcomes

    1. Students will develop leadership skills in interpersonal and communication skills through the lens of Restorative Practices

    2. Students will make technological advancement to support 21st century success by earning badges in various technological applications used in curriculum

    3. Students will be graduation-ready by actively completing grade checks, monitoring their attendance and setting weekly goals.

    4. Students will manage their time and stay organized to balance their academics, extracurricular activities and personal life.

    5. Students will be college and career ready by participating in workshops like Fullerton Promise and CTE Exploration.