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  •  “Every brilliant experiment, like every great work of art, starts with an act of imagination.”

    ~Jonah Lehrer - an American author and Rhodes Scholar


  • The La Vista High School science department offers an innovative curriculum designed to provide hands-on education designed to engage students. Both the Biology and Geoscience courses offered are A-G accredited, which provides the same opportunities as the comprehensive high schools in FJUHSD.  At La Vista, students learn the interconnected relationships of the physical and life sciences and their applications to everyday life. The goal is to produce students who understand the importance of science for preserving our planet for future generations. 


  • Geophysical Science

    Geophysical Science is a laboratory-based course that allows students to explore how the physical and life sciences combine to form the world around us and how we interact with it.  Students will complete hands-on labs to collect and analyze data to design solutions to real-world problems. Topics covered in this course are: Earth's place in the universe, Earth's systems, Earth and human activity, how matter and energy interact, and forces and motions.

    Earth Science

    Earth Science aligns with the California Next Generation Science Standards and fulfills a student's physical science high school graduation requirement.  Additionally, this course counts as one year of laboratory science, of the two required, to prepare students for entry into a University of California or California State University school.


    Biology is the study of life.  The topics to be discussed in this course will include the scientific method, ecology, cell biology, genetics, and evolution.  A special emphasis will be placed on experiments, project-based activities, individual presentations, self-progress monitoring, and test-taking.  This course is designed to meet all state curriculum standards and will satisfy the district Life Science graduation requirement.  The goal of this course is to broaden student understanding of key concepts related to living things, cultivate responsible student behaviors, develop strong organization skills, increase critical thinking skills, and expand communication skills.