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    To prepare students to be literate, enlightened citizens using historical content.


    The purpose of World History is to provide the student with the basic intellectual skills and knowledge necessary for a better understanding of an increasingly complex and interdependent world. This course satisfies the world history graduation requirement.


    U.S. History provides the student with the methods, concepts, and techniques of social scientific inquiry, which may be employed in investigating the American experience. Additionally, the course acquaints the student with knowledge of major concepts, The Constitution, institutions, values, personalities, and events of United States history. This course satisfies the U.S. history graduation requirement.


    Honors American History is designed for students who are interested in a more rigorous study for the United States. The course is based on topics of American History, taught in eras, with an emphasis on historical analysis, interpretation and evaluation. THis course is taught with more depth and requires more depth and requires more reading and writing than a regular level course.


    Economics is designed to give the student an understanding of the basic principles of economics and the economic system in the United States. The student preparing for the role of economic decision-maker discovers the fundamental economic principles which guide personal, business and governmental decisions. Economics enables the student to develop an understanding of the economic decisions to be made, as well as the economic impact of decisions made by other institutions.


    American Government is designed to give the student an understanding of the American political system in order to participate more effectively in the political process. As the student prepares to assume additional responsibilities as a citizen, it is essential to engage in a study of American government. Such a study enables the student to develop an understanding of the skills essential for making wise decisions regarding critical issues.