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    The Mission of JROTC is "To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens"

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    Facts About Sonora Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps 

    The mission of JROTC is: “To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens”

    • JROTC is a College-Preparatory Elective “G” Interdisciplinary for all four years
    • Our Special Teams/Competitive Drill is a College Preparatory Elective “F” Interdisciplinary for Visual and Performing Arts
    • Sonora’s JROTC unit is recognized as an Honor Unit with Distinction by the U.S Army Cadet Command
    • As an Honor Unit with Distinction the Senior Army Instructor can recommend Competitive Cadets for a Nomination for Appointment to the U.S. Military Academies based on the following: Academic Ability, Extracurricular Activities (Non-Sports), Athletic Ability (Varsity Sports), Personal Qualities
    • JROTC is recognized as a top notch leadership course though classroom instruction and practical application
    • Two years of  JROTC counts as Physical Education credit Cadets who complete four years of JROTC and meet requirements can wear the JROTC Graduation Cord and Stole at Graduation.
    • Cadets can qualify for life long membership in the National Military Honor Society of Scabbard & Blade and Distinguished Members can wear Graduation Cord at Graduation
    • Cadets can earn the JROTC Varsity Letter by being a member of our Special Teams/Competitive Drill (Raider, Drill, Color Guard)
    • JROTC has its own activities section in the Common App. (Common Application is an online method of applying to colleges)
    • Cadets will have the opportunity to earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award
    • Cadets are recognized and awarded ribbons and awards for achievement
    • Cadets who meet certain qualifications are annually awarded medals by Nationally recognized Veteran/Service Organizations which enhances college applications, resumes and job applications
    • JROTC helps cadets appreciate the ethical values and principles that promote good citizenship
    • JROTC helps cadets to think logically and to communicate effectively with others
    • Cadets volunteer and provide service to their community
    • Cadets have the opportunity to present the National Colors at various school and community events
    • JROTC teaches cadets to appreciate the importance of physical fitness and the importance of maintaining good health
    • JROTC emphasizes the importance of high school graduation for a successful future, and preparation for college and other advances in education and employment opportunities
    • Cadets can purchase and wear the JROTC Varsity Jacket
    • Cadets have the opportunity to annually attend in June, the week-long JROTC Cadet Leadership Camp at Hubert Eaton Scout Reservation at Lake Arrowhead and earn awards for attending
    • Cadets can enhance resumes, job applications and college applications by addressing leadership roles as well as awards earned in JROTC
    • JROTC can assist cadets interested in attending Military Academies and ROTC Scholarship opportunities
    • If a student is enrolled in JROTC for 3 years and enlists in the military, he/she will enlist as an E3 instead of an E1, which is a substantial pay difference
    • JROTC is not a boot camp
    • JROTC in no way obligates anyone to enlist or join the military
    • JROTC Instructors are not recruiters
    • Learn more about JROTC at https://www.usarmyjrotc.com/


    If interested in becoming a member of the Army JROTC Raider Battalion contact Lieutenant Colonel Kevin McMahan at kmcmahan@fjuhsd.org or Master Sergeant Fritz Saalmann at fsaalmann@fjuhsd.org


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