• Information for Students Currently Enrolled at Sonora High School

    Senior Registration Presentation

    • Registration Videos will be presented in class to assist with the registration process and posted on this web page for reference when available.
    • All students will receive a copy of their transcript, graduation status report, and their CSU eligibility report for A-G tracking.
    • Counselors will be available after the video presentation for questions.
    • Each grade level will have one week to complete their registration

    Senior Course Request Form

    • Students will select their courses using the online Senior Course Request Form.
    • Students must log in using their FJUHSD emails and can only submit the form ONCE.
    • The Senior Course Request Form will open on January 29, 2024

    SENIOR REGISTRATION FORM LINK: 2024-2025 Senior Course Request Form

    Registration Resources

    • View all the classes offered at Sonora High School: 2024/2025 Sonora High School Course List

    • Review the official description of all FJUHSD course offerings: FJUHSD Course Catalog

    • FJUHSD Graduation Requirements

    • Review the Science Sequence Chart here: FJUHSD Science Sequence

    • Review the Math Sequence Chart here: FJUHSD Math Sequence

    • A-G Eligibility Requirements are a sequence of high school courses that students must complete (with a grade of C or better) to be minimally eligible for admission to the University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU). They represent the basic level of academic preparation that high school students should achieve to undertake university work.

    For the most recent list of approved A-G Sonora High School courses, please visit: Sonora A-G Approved Courses

    Typical Senior Schedule

    IMPORTANT: If students are missing a course needed for graduation, counselors will enroll students in necessary courses and override elective requests. Students in a Special Program may need to take a 0-period course to meet all requirements.

    1. English
    2. Government/Economics (semester-length courses)
    3. Math
    4. Elective
    5. Elective
    6. Elective

    Please be advised that Special Programs require a specific course sequence and should be added as electives to your schedule.

    Summer School Registration

    • Students will be able to complete their Summer School course request as part of the registration process.
    • Health and Geometry are the ONLY summer courses for advancement or by teacher recommendation.
    • Students may take courses for remediation purposes.

    Optional Counseling Appointments

    • We will not be able to schedule individual appointments until after the registration window ends on February 23, 2024

    • During the registration window, counselors will be available to assist with questions after each presentation to meet with students individually.

    • Please email your counselor directly with any additional questions.

    • Counselor ALPHA Breakdown