What do I need to do to get an IB diploma?

  • To earn an IB diploma, you will need to take classes in each of six subject areas:
    • Group 1 Language A1
    • Group 2 Foreign Language
    • Group 3 Individuals & Societies
    • Group 4 Science
    • Group 5 Mathematics
    • Group 6 Elective
    Plus three core requirements:
    • Extended Essay ( EE) - his is an in-depth research project on a topic of individual interest. This experience acquaints you with independent research and writing skills expected at university.
    • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) - TOK is a class exploring the nature of knowledge across disciplines. You will learn to make connections between your knowledge in each of the six subject areas as you analyze how and why you think as you do.
    • Creativity, Action & Service (CAS) - You will be required to do 150 hours of community service. Participation in the individual and school CAS activities involve artistic pursuits, sports, and community service work.