What is the Curriculum?

  • The most recent information available regarding the IB Program is found in the attached IB Information Booklet.  In brief: The IB Diploma requires that students take exams in all six IB subject groups to complete an Extended Essay, the Theory of Knowledge, (TOK), course and 150 hours of Creativity, Active & Service, (CAS).  Anticipated Diploma students are eligible to take up to two SL exams during their junior year. 
    Students are eligible to take single subject exams for Higher Level, HL, courses during their senior year and are designated as Certificate Candidates. 

    IB Subject Groups at Sonora

    Group 1 — English - 4 years HL

    Group 2 – World Language – 4 years

    Spanish, French, SL or HL

    Group 3 — Social Science –

    History – 2 years HL

    Psychology – 1 year SL or 2 years HL 

    Group 4 — Science –

    Biology – 1 year SL or 2 years HL

    Environmental Systems 1 year SL

    Physics- 1 year SL

    Group 5 — Mathematics –

    Algebra 2 or beyond SL

    Group 6 — Elective 1-2 years

    Visual Arts - 1-2 years SL or HL

    Film - 1-2 years SL or HL

    Dance - 1-2 years  SL or HL