Eligibility Requirements


    • Be under 19 years of age prior to September 1
    • Have reached the ninth grade
    • Participate in no more than four seasons of the same sport after enrolling in the ninth grade
    • Be scholastically eligible ( grades and attendance monitored while you're in sports. Students must maintain a 2.0 or higher to participate)
    • File an Application for Residential Eligibility 214 if you have transferred to another school without a corresponding BONAFIDE CHANGE OF RESIDENCE by your parents.  If you transfer from one school to another without a bonafide change of residence by your parents, your eligibility is subject to special rules which may include non-participation at the varsity level
    • Since entering the ninth grade, not be in your ninth semester of attendance
    • Meet citizenship requirements
    • Maintain amateur standing
    • Not have participated in any tryout for a professional team
    • Maintain in your school files an annual physical examination certifying that you are physically fit to try out and/or participate in athletic activities. 
    • You cannot compete with an outside team during your high school season in the same sport 

    You are urged to check with YOUR ADMINISTRATION, ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, or COACH IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR ELIGIBILITY.  Competing for your school team when you are not eligible will subject your team to forfeiture of contests won.  If you are in doubt as to your eligibility status, CHECK IT OUT BEFORE THE SEASON BEGINS!

    CIF Condensed Eligibility Rules and Student Athletes Code of Ethics _1_.docx