Mission & Vision


    1. Sonora High School promotes the success of all students in an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring by the following means:

    1. Educating students about their individual learning potential;
    2. Fostering in each student an acceptance of ethnic and cultural diversity;
    3. Promoting school spirit and school loyalty; and,
    4. Instilling within each student a commitment to the values of community and the American democratic society.

    2. Sonora High School strives for excellence in academics, activities, athletics, and service by:

    1. Providing academically challenging programs for students with different interests and abilities;
    2. Providing a challenging array of curricular, extra-curricular, aesthetic, and athletic programs;
    3. Providing the tools to access, evaluate and use information from a variety of technological sources.
    4. Equipping students with the skills necessary for a successful transition to college and/or work.


    “Sonora High School is a diverse and inclusive community dedicated to the academic, personal, and social growth of all student learners within a student-centered environment. Sonora High School encourages students to become life-long learners and contributing members in an ever-changing world.”