• Welcome New Cadets!

    Better, Stronger, Safer, Smarter! CAN DO!

    These words will gain a lot of meaning for you over the next few years...  

    Congratulations on your decision to become an NJROTC cadet!  

    You are about to begin a wonderful and rewarding experience.  Here you will find some important information about how to become a cadet, and also some excellent information about how to get off to a successful start.

    If you aren't already signed up and want to become a cadet, do one of the following:

    1.  Talk to your guidance counselor.

    2.  Talk to CDR Ballister or Master Guns White in room 146.

    3.  Talk to a cadet, and ask them to bring you to the NJROTC room.

    If you are already signed up, here is some important information.

    ALL cadets are required to have a sports physical on file.  Click here to see a flyer about getting a sports physical.  They can be had for $25 and are good for a year.  In addition, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that all cadets get an athletic clearance with the school (that is free) in Home Campus by clicking here.   Select "students and parents" and then create an account.  You can find La Habra High School in the Southern Sector of California.  You can also pick up paperwork in the front office.  Getting an athletic clearance allows a cadet to participate in the full spectrum of cadet activities, including use of our brand new school pool!

    All uniforms and most field trips are free to all cadets (if you lose a uniform item you will be required to pay for a replacement).  At the beginning of the year, we ask for a $25 activity fee from all cadets.  This allows us to issue your physical fitness uniform, your Navy hoodie and sweatpants, and also covers all your field trips (except food).  If there is a financial hardship the fee can be waived.

    Here is a welcome letter to all new cadets from the commanding cadet, C/LCDR Matt Tierney.  (click here)

    Cadet required knowledge (which you will be introduced to throughout your first year) is here.  The Cadet Reference Manual is also a helpful tool for you.

    It is important to know your instructors!  Click here to learn more about CDR Ballister and Master Gunnery Sgt White.

    If you or your parents have any questions, you can check our FAQ page and can contact us via e-mail:

    CDR Ballister: rballister@fjuhsd.org

    MGySgt White: dwhite@fjuhsd.org

    C/CMC Kathryn Faith (senior enlisted cadet): here