• The Social Science Department at La Habra High School takes pride in preparing young people for enlightened citizenship by offering challenging courses in alignment with the California Framework. Students are prepared for careers or university training through the use of discussions, essays, independent research, and reading news articles,well chosen textbooks and other relevant books to stimulate discernment and reasoned judgment.

    Course Offerings
    World History is a tenth grade course in which students gain knowledge of world events in chronological historical periods. It emphasizes geography, political and cultural history.

    World History Honors is an accelerated version which deals with similar topics, yet with more complex issues requiring the use of critical thinking skills.

    United States History is an eleventh grade course providing students with an awareness,understanding, and appreciation of the major events and the extraordinary men and women in our country's past.

    Advanced Placement U. S. History is a more rigorous course of study which prepares juniors for the College Board Advanced Placement examination. A passing grade on the exam demonstrates a high level of scholarship and can result in earning college credit.

    American Government is a course for seniors which investigates how laws and government policies are formed and implemented; it provides an understanding of modern democracy including civic values and responsibility.

    Advanced Placement U.S. Government can be taken instead for those who desire a more critical, interpretive perspective of politics and institutions in the United States. Students are prepared for the College Board examination, earning college credit with a passing grade on the exam.

    Economics,another senior course, studies economic theory and institutions, with an emphasis on practical applications in a modern market economy.

    Honors Economics is designed to provide student with an understanding of the major economic problems confronting society and to consider possible solutions economic theories illuminate.

    Agricultural Economics is a course for the agriculture student which focuses on the business structure of California's leading industry.

    Psychology uses inquiry, case studies, and critical thinking to develop an understanding of human behavior and may be taken for one or two semesters.

    Behavior is a course in applied psychology which encourages students to focus on interrelations and self-identity. Futures is a course allowing students to gauge current trends and predict changes in society and culture.

    Student and the Law is a course focusing on the practical application of legal problems people face in their lifetimes, plus the correct legal procedures and practices.

    Philosophy introduces students to the world=s major philosophical ideas and themes proposed by the great thinkers of the past and present.

    The Social Science Department integrates technology into the instruction of its classes and uses materials that enrich the cultures and studies of the discipline. Teachers are aware of the latest research in their field by attending workshops and classes.