• Incoming 9th Grade Enrollment

    Aeries Online Enrollment is now live for our district. New students and incoming 9th graders can access the Online Enrollment portal at https://enrollment.fjuhsd.org

  • Incoming 9th Grade Placement Testing

    Note: for students who are out of district, please contact the Guidance office at (562) 266-5032.

    Important AP Test Info.

    • Exams will be given in May. 

    • Please bring your form(s) to Mr. Gallego in the Guidance Office, Room 10 , if you're applying for a fee waiver; otherwise, make your payment online by the deadline.

    Important Info About 2nd Semester Schedule Changes

      • Counselors are working to close first semester while concurrently opening second semester.

      • Please be aware that our master schedule is built around student needs and requests from the previous year. There is an expectation that students will remain in their chosen year-long classes. Teacher preferences for courses will not be honored. Requests are not guaranteed due to class sizes, class offerings, and staffing. Counselors will be available via email and telephone. If you have any questions, please contact you students counselor.

    How to be Competitive for College

    As you work with your counselor to plan your classes, remember that UC and CSU colleges require a minimum of 15 core academic courses that you must complete with a "C" or better.  You will also need to have a strong GPA and take a college entrance test in your junior or senior year. If you are struggling with academics, please seek help by speaking with your teachers. Math tutoring is available at the LHHS Library from 2:45- 3:45. You may also see your counselor for other academic tutoring resources.

    • Good Attendance is Important! Attend all classes on time so that you don't miss vital information from your teachers. Be sure that your parents excuse your absences within 3 days by contacting the Attendance Office in Room 11. Do not arrive more than 10 minutes late or cut any class. Such decisions result in LOSS OF CREDIT that you must recover in order to graduate.
    • FALL SEMESTER: Explore various extracurricular activities, like joining clubs, sports teams, to find what you enjoy. Challenge yourself by taking college preparatory courses. The key to a successful start to High School is to Get Involved!
    • SPRING SEMESTER: Work with your counselor to plan your courses for grades 10, 11, and 12. When appropriate, take Honors and Advanced Placement classes, as they help you to prepare for college. Be aware of any prerequisites for these courses.
    • Explore College Majors and Careers! One useful website is www.assist.org that helps you explore the California Higher Education System.
    • SUMMER: If necessary, repeat any courses that are required for graduation or college entrance. If you haven't done so, complete the Health course.  You can also find a summer job, do volunteer work, complete any summer assignments for Honors or AP courses you will take in your 10th grade year.

    Study Skills/Good Time Management

    • It is important that you develop these skills this year, so that you can be successful in all of your classes.  A great website to guide you is at http://www.studygs.net/index.htm where you can find information about such good study habits.  Remember to complete your assignments/homework on time and ask your teachers for help when you need it.