• Year 1: Agriculture Mechanics

    Agriculture Mechanics is an academically challenging course that integrates mathematics, science, writing, and mechanics. Specific units include: Using the Ag Mechanics Shop, Measurement, Project Planning, Electricity and Electronics, Plumbing Systems and Water Use, Arc Welding, Power Mechanics, and Careers. Students will focus on understanding the theory of the preceding areas, as well as mastery of the application of these theories. Students will exceed core academic knowledge and demonstrate critical thinking skills as they apply their knowledge to projects, real-life scenarios, and case studies. Units covered in this course will build upon existing knowledge where applicable. 


    Year 2: Metal Technology

    Agriculture Welding is an intermediate course that focuses heavily on learning the art, science, and techniques of welding. As it is a second-year course to the Agriculture Mechanics pathway, it will allow the students to try out each of the different methods of welding and perfect their skills in each of the disciplines. Specific units include Shop Safety, Understanding Design, and Fabrication Processes Using Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Oxygen/Acetylene Torch and Welding, and TIG Welding. 


    Year 3 & 4: Adv. Fabrication and Construction 1 & 2

    This competency-based course provides serious students with entry-level skills in woodworking and construction and metal fabrication for project construction. Other skills include oxy-acetylene welding and cutting, plasma cutting, gluing, and fastening woods. Students will receive instruction in safety, hand and power tool usage, planning, selecting materials, and usage related to the construction of items used in agriculture, shop, and home. Students will be using their own ideas and methods in the design and fabrication of wood and/or metal project. Leadership will be taught through FFA-related activities and students will plan for their Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) Project and maintain a project record book. These two components of agricultural instruction will be incorporated into the course grade. The end goal will be for students to receive a Forklift certification and receive hands-on experience with professional construction and welder tradespeople.


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