Emergency Response Pathway (EMT) at La Habra High School

  • Emergency Medical Response

    ROP First Responder prepares students in entry-level skills as first responders, emergency personnel who provide immediate care to ill or injured persons and assist emergency medical services (EMS), providers. Included is an overview of EMS, CPR, first aid, patient assessment, legal and ethical issues, and triage and emergency responsibilities. Completion of the class satisfies the prerequisites for the EMT class and also provides a strong background for those interested in lifeguard positions.

    Emergency Medical Technician

    While preparing for jobs such as an emergency room technician or ambulance attendant, students will learn how to render pre-hospital care and basic life support to patients in emergency situations. This course includes the theory and proactive use of advanced first aid and CPR with the use of limited equipment as it applies to on-scene and transport-to-hospital care of patients.

    Medical Careers

    Students learn how to take a patient's vital signs, including blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. They learn about diverse medical and health occupations found in hospitals, community health centers, and clinics. They study the roles and responsibilities of various health care providers. This class prepares students for further study in the health care profession.