• logo In the spring of 2016 our school completed the process of renewing our accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). In the few years preceeding this time our staff members, parents and students had meetings to complete the Focus on Learning report that the WASC Visiting Committee reviewed to determine our accreditation. The final step in this process was when the Visiting Committee spent multiple days on our campus and in our classrooms to confirm what we wrote in our report. The Visiting Committee is comprised of administrators and teachers from other school districts throughout California.
    We are proud to announce we were granted a 6-year accreditation with a three year review that expires in 2022.
    Committee members were back out for the three year mid-cycle review in the spring of 2019. The feedback provided was very positive and reassuring that we are on the correct path to achieving our goals set forth in our original WASC plan.
    Due to Covid, our next WASC visit is scheduled for the spring of 2023.