Please bring your form(s) to Mr. Gallego in the Guidance Office, Room 10 , if you're applying for a fee waiver; otherwise, make your payment online by the deadline.

    Exams will be given in May.

    Fullerton College

    Fullerton College is currently accepting applications Summer and/or Fall term. Attached below (Fullerton College Apply Online) is a flyer announcing our online application procedure. Continuing high school Special Admit students who wish to take a Fullerton College class are required to complete Special Admit Student Application and Health Services form each term. These forms are available by accessing Admissions home page from www.fullcoll.edu .

    Important Info About 2nd Semester Schedule Changes

    Counselors are working to close first semester while concurrently opening second semester.

    Please be aware that our master schedule is built around student needs and requests from the previous year. There is an expectation, students will remain in their chosen year-long classes. Teacher preferences for courses will not be honored. Requests are not guaranteed due to class sizes, class offerings, and staffing. Counselors are available via email and telephone. If you have any questions, please contact your students counselor. 

    How to be Competitive for College

    • As you work with your counselor to plan your classes, remember that UC and CSU colleges look first at your 10th and 11th grade courses, your GPA, and college entrance test scores. Grades of 'C' or better are a must. If you are struggling, seek help by speaking with your teachers and attending tutoring (on campus before and after school).

    • Get involved in school! Participate in Clubs, Organizations, and Community Service.  Attend school sponsored activities and events, and be an ACTIVE member of LHHS student body.

    •  National Honor Society : Please see your counselor in room 10 for information.

    •  California Scholarship Federation : Students may join if they are eligible academically. Please see your counselor in room, 10 for more information. 

    • Take the PSAT (practice SAT test) in October ; take the PLAN (practice ACT test) in November. Sign up with your counselor in Room 10 as space is limited.

    College Athletics

    • NCAA : athletes pursuing college sports must register for eligibility at the end of their 11th grade year.  Please visit NCAA link under Academic Counseling; then, visit www.eligibilitycenter.org for more information and to register your high school coursework.

    •  NAIA: athletes pursuing college sports via the National Association for Intercollegiate Association must register for eligibility at www.naia.org . Visit our NAIA link in the Academic Counseling Section.  

    Explore Colleges and Universities
    • Begin to list, compare and visit colleges/universities. Think about what is important in selecting a college and your reasons for going.  Identify possible careers that you are considering and the education, training, and skills that are required.  Please visit www.bls.gov/oco to explore jobs in the United States.

    • Investigate Scholarship Opportunities by visiting the counseling office. 

    Plan ahead for Summer School and Junior Year
    • Review courses with your counselor, ask questions about specific courses and college entrance requirements, and challenge yourself by taking Honors and AP courses.  Stay with the course sequences you began in your 9th grade year (e.g., world language, math, science).  You may take summer school classes that you need to repeat for graduation or college entrance.  Summer is also a good time to do community service/volunteer work, take a part-time job, and visit colleges/universities.

    • GOOD ATTENDANCE IS IMPORTANT! Attend all classes on time so that you don't miss vital information.  Be sure that your parents excuse your absences within 3 days by contacting the Attendance Office in room 11. Do not arrive more than 10 minutes late or cut any class.  Such decisions result in LOSS OF CREDIT. You must recover these credits in order to graduate.

      Note: Avoid additional stress during your year; avoid credit loss.