• Seniors!  
    You are working towards graduation, May!  
    Please continue to work hard, review your class schedule to ensure that you have all required classes, monitor your grades and attendance on ABI, to ensure you are not losing units. You must have passing grades and all units required in order to graduate.  
    You've worked hard and we applaud your continued success! 


    The La Habra High School valedictorian and salutatorian selection process is designed to honor the students from the graduating class who have distinguished themselves as top scholars.

    For a student to receive valedictorian or salutatorian, the following apply:

    1. The valedictorian and salutatorian must be students enrolled in the twelfth grade who graduate with their cohort class in June.

    2. The valedictorian must have earned the highest grade point average in their graduating class based on the weighted total G.P.A. at the conclusion of the first semester, senior year.  The salutatorian must have earned the second highest grade point average (based on weighted total G.P.A.) in their graduating class.  The grade point average shall be determined by grades received through the seventh semester of high school attendance.  The grade point average is calculated to the second decimal point.

    3. In case of a tie for valedictorian or salutatorian, co-valedictorians and/or co-salutatorians will be recognized. 

    • TBA

    Senior Year is IMPORTANT
    Your grades do count towards graduation and 4-year University/College admissions; failing to earn C’s or better can jeopardize your admission status. Keep up your GRADES and have good ATTENDANCE all year long. Once you’ve applied to college, the college application becomes a binding contract. You are unable to drop classes without first getting WRITTEN PERMISSION from the college/university. 
    Click below for UC admissions information: Start applying November 1st

    • Parents and students are invited to celebrate the successes of the Senior class.

    • For more information, please contact the Guidance Office, Room 10. 

    • UC will administer the Analytical Writing Placement Examination (AWPE) on TBA, to admitted students who have not satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement by other means by April 1. 

    • Students are not required to take the AWPE if they have a record on file with UC indicating achievement of acceptable scores on the SAT Reasoning Test, the ACT combined English/Writing test, the Advanced Placement English Language or Literature examination, or the International Baccalaureate Higher Level or Standard Level English A examination. Students also are exempt from the examination if they have successfully completed a transferable college-level English composition course. 

    • Comprehensive information about the Entry Level Writing Requirement and the Analytical Writing Placement Examination is available online at www.ucop.edu/elwr . The site explains the examination process and includes previous examinations that can be downloaded and used by students to strengthen their skills in reading comprehension and writing proficiency.  

    Fullerton College is currently accepting applications Summer and/or Fall term. See Counselor for fieldtrip TBA. EOPS Field trip is TBA. Fullerton College Apply Online) is a flyer announcing our online application procedure. Continuing high school Special Admit students who wish to take a Fullerton College class are required to complete Special Admit Student Application and Health Services form each term. These forms are available by accessing our admissions home page from www.fullcoll.edu .
    • BE AWARE OF SCHOLARHIP SCAMS! You should never have to pay for a financial aid/scholarship application. Parents and students should be cautious if ever asked to pay any fee, including scholarship search help. When in doubt ask your counselor. 

    • FINANCIAL AID : Please remember to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the deadline! Visit www.fafsa.ed.gov to apply and  establish an ID number so that you can file the application via the internet (the fastest way to go). 

    • For more information regarding the Financial Aid process, including submitting the FAFSA and Cal Grant applications, please click here .

    • It is crucial that you complete your college applications on time and check your email accounts and/or student portals on a regular basis. Colleges have shared that these variables are determining factors in being admitted to college. 

    • CSU Application also requires that you calculate your GPA accurately! We have provided their GPA calculator courtesy of CSU, Fullerton. SEE THE EXCEL ATTACHMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

    • COMMUNITY COLLEGE : please visit www.cccco.edu (for any CC in California), www.fullcoll.edu (for Fullerton) or www.cypresscollege.edu (for Cypress). The application filing begins in March , and please prepare to take placement tests in English and Math prior to registering for classes. You will not be able to meet with a Community College counselor until you have placement exam results. 

    • PRIVATE COLLEGES : To access information and applications for private colleges in California, visit www.aiccu.edu ; for colleges and universities across the United States, visit www.collegeview.com , which will link you to information about the college of your choice. 

    • SAT/ACT College Entrance Exams : Visit www.collegeboard.com to register for the SAT and www.actstudent.org for the ACT. Remember to send your scores to the colleges to which you've applied. Also, note that UC campuses no longer require both the SAT Reasoning and 2 Subject Tests OR the ACT plus Writing. Please check the UC campuses that you plan to attend, many medical, math and engineering programs require a SAT Subject Test Math Level II, please be sure to research this requirement. 

    • NEW AP International Diploma Requirements : Visit www.collegeboard.com to review and note that you must pass 5 AP tests with scores of 3 or higher, including 2 different languages, 1 global perspective, , 1 from science or mathematics, and 1 from a different content area other than English and World Languages. Additional questions can be answered by contacting apintl@collegeboard.org or by visiting the Collegeboard website here.  


    • CSU- Early Assessment Program : Embedded in the CST from the 11th Grade year, CSU campuses can determine whether or not you will need remedial courses once you enter the university. Advanced coursework in math and English during your senior year also prepares you for college level coursework and placement tests. To view EAP testing results for college readiness, visit www.calstate.edu/eap/testing.shtml

    • IMPORTANT CSU Fullerton Deadlines:

      • See your guidance counselor for deadlines. 
      • Apply at: CSU
    • CSU Fullerton President's Scholars Program : please consider applying at www.fullerton.edu/scholars/ for great benefits that include "full ride" on registration fees, $750 annual book allowance, and a laptop computer. 

    • Once you have completed your college application, begin your scholarship search. You may also visit www.fastweb.com to search national scholarship opportunities. 

    • NCAA ELIGIBILITY : If you are playing college sports via the National Collegiate Athletic Association, be sure to register your HIGH SCHOOL coursework at the eligibility center. Visit www.eligibilitycenter.org to review course requirements, download the worksheet, and to register your courses. 

    • NAIA ELIGIBILITY : If you are playing college sports via the National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics, be sure to register your courses at www.naia.org if you are going to play in Fall, 2020. Also, visit www.PlayNAIA.org for more information. 

    Note: unit loss due to truancy or unexcused absences within the 3-day period can keep students from graduating. Please be mindful of your attendance, particularly during 2nd semester.

Senior Year Important Links

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Fullerton College Workshops 21-22

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ADVANCE! Resources/Workshops

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