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  • Because... Why Study a World Language? Frequently Asked Questions:

    What language(s) should I study? Language choice should take into account personal interests, background, and career choices.

    How many years of a world language are required? The minimum graduation requirement is two years of a single language, but all students are encouraged to take at least four years to remain competitive. According to UCLA “competitive colleges like to see four or five years of a world language on a student's transcript when deciding on admission offer."

    How do I know what level of language is most appropriate to begin language studies? Please talk to the language teachers available to you on Registration Night if you have any concerns regarding placement.

    Should I study a new language if I'm already proficient in a language as a native or heritage speaker? We believe that it is in a student’s best interest to study a new language, to have the valuable experience of studying a “foreign language”. It is of course possible to continue learning the native language by taking an upper-level course.

    What steps can I take to assure success in my foreign language class? Practice using the language every day, as frequently as possible. Listening comprehension and speaking skills are especially important for incoming freshmen. Do your homework! Use Internet and other media sources to help you practice. If you have further questions, send them to Sergey Artemyev:


    Course Offerings:

    The World Languages Department at La Habra High School offers classes in French, German and Spanish:

    French 1, 2, 3, AP French Language and Culture.

    German 1, 2/2H, 3/3H, 4/AP German Language, Culture, and Literature.

    Spanish 1, 2/2H, 3/3H, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP Spanish Literature.

    The first two years of language study focus on acquiring the fundamental skills of conversation, grammar, reading and writing. In the following years, students continue to increase their vocabulary and grammar skills as well as their cultural knowledge. Advanced levels include more comprehensive oral response, a focus on writing skills and the study of different pieces of literature to prepare students for the AP exams. Spanish Speakers have their own program tailored to their specific needs (Please see "nativos flyer" and "Spanish Speaker" documents at the bottom of this page). They will be prepared to take the AP Spanish Language exam after three years and then the AP Spanish Literatureexam as Seniors.

    AP exams in 2017: French Language and Culture; German Language and Culture; Spanish Language and Culture; Spanish Literature.

    Special Features:

    Our World Languages teachers have lived, traveled or studied in other countries, giving them a broad perspective into language acquisition and diverse cultures. The World Languages Department is proud that it has one of the highest AP Exam participation rates in the District. Students who successfully complete four years of a World Language and take the corresponding AP language exam will earn a special cord for graduation. In addition, by meeting certain GPA and Language Arts requirements, they will have the opportunity to earn the State Seal of Biliteracy. German students can graduate with a special National German Honor Society certificate and GNHS cord.

    LHHS also offers its students the possibility to join French, German, Spanish, or Russian Club to participate in fun activities throughout the year. Knowing the language is not a requirement to join a specific Language Club.