• How do I become a cadet?

    Talk to your counselor, talk to a cadet, or email CDR Ballister (rballister@fjuhsd.org).

    Do I need to join as a freshman, or can I join at any time?

    You may join at any time.  All first year cadets take class together, regardless of academic year.

    Is there a military commitment with NJROTC?

    Absolutely not.  Cadets are in no way obligated or required to enter military service upon graduation

    Can cadets be school athletes, or does NJROTC take up all their time?

    NJROTC recognizes that athletes are providing service to the school, and that being a high school athlete takes a lot of time.  We are happy to have you in class, will work around your schedule to fulfill your cadet obligations, and hope that when your season is over you will be able to participate outside of just your scheduled class.

    Does NJROTC cost anything?

    There is a nominal activity fee at the beginning of the year.  All uniform items are provided for free, though a cadet may have to replace them at cost if they are lost or damaged (other than routine wear and tear).  Field trips may cost something extra, depending on how successful fundraising efforts are but every effort is made to keep costs down.

    Does NJROTC count as a program?

    La Habra High School wants every student to be part of one of the many fine programs here.  While it is not an Academy in the same vein as FPFA, it does count as a program.