Both AFJROTC instructors are retired Air Force commissioned and noncommissioned officers. They are required to possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, however the instructors at Buena Park High School exceed these standards.  Both Col Miller and SMSgt Carney possess a Master’s Degree or higher.  The instructors maintain Air Force standards and are trained through the AFJROTC Academic Instructor Course and both hold Career Technical Education certifications in the State of California. They are full-time faculty members of Buena Park High School and are employed by the local school board to teach AFJROTC classes. 

  •      Col James Miller, USAF, ret.



  • SMSgt Jeremy Carney, USAF, ret.


  • AFJROTC Cadet Leaders

        CA-946 Wing Commander       CA-946 Vice Commander           CA-946 Command Chief

          C/Col Loriana Figueroo      C/LtCol Gourachandra Salam      C/CMSgt Diego Guzman

           CC             CV              CCM