Physical Education Syllabus

  • Proper dress for class

    1. It is recommended that students participating in physical education class wear the P.E. uniform, which consist of black shorts and a plain grey t-shirt.  During winter months all black sweats are acceptable. For your convenience, PE Clothes will be available to purchase from the PE department. The cost of the uniform is $22.  $11 for the shirt and $11 for shorts.  
    2. For safety reasons, non-participation points may be deducted from students for not having proper athletic shoes and clothing.
    3. Classes may be held outdoors in the fall, winter and spring.  Be prepared daily with a jacket or sweatshirt.
    4. No electronic devices or jewelry are allowed.  If you choose to violate this policy and they get stolen, no investigation will take place.
    5. All bacpacks must be put in the P.E. locker provided by the school.
    6. Skateboards will not be stored in the P.E. office, they need to be stored in the skateboard rack alongside the bike rack.

    Lockers and Locker Rooms

    1. One small locker in the physical education locker room will be assigned to each student; therefore students are not allowed to change lockers without teacher approval.
    2. combination lock will be provided at no cost and the teacher has a record of the combination.  The combination should never be given to another student.
    3. If lock is lost, damaged, or not returned when checking out of a PE class the student is responsible to pay a $10 replacement fee for the lock.
    4. The physical education locker room is the only one that may be used.
    5. No sharing of lockers will be permitted.
    6. Once class begins, no student will be allowed back into the locker room.
    7. Do not put any valuables in your lockers.
    8. Before checking out of a PE class a student must return the lock
    9. Respect each other and our locker room facilities.

    Class Expectations

    1. Students will be given 10 minutes after the tardy bell rings and 10 minutes at the end of class to change clothes.
    2. No gum chewing is allowed in class and no food or drink is to be consumed in the gym or locker room areas.  Water is permitted.
    3. NO CELL PHONES will be allowed in class, they will be confiscated and turned in to the office for a parent/guardian to pick up.
    4. Any injuries or emergencies must be reported to the teacher during the class period so the proper action can be taken.
    5. No student may leave the class, gym or locker room areas without permission from the teacher.
    6. Directions must be followed the first time they are given.
    7. Abuse, destruction or misuse of physical education equipment will not be tolerated; do not touch equipment unless told to do so by the instructor.  Obscene language, gestures, harassment or disrespect will not be tolerated.

    Participation Excuse

    1. A student well enough to be in school is generally well enough to be dressed and participating in class. Any exception to this will be handled on an individual basis.
    2. A note from a parent is required to excuse a student due to injury or illness. It will be accepted for a maximum of three consecutive days. To be excused longer than three days, a doctor’s note is required.
    3. A student who has become ill at school will discuss the problem with the teacher before the start of class and a decision will be made as to the best course of action for the student to take.
    4. Any student with an excused absence from school or excused from class participation will be required to make-up the points to get credit for classes missed.

    Grading Requirements

    1. The points earned for the quarter, along with physical fitness testing (mile run, push ups, sit ups, trunk lift and flexibility), a variety of written test and skills test will determine a student’s grade.
    2. Participation and daily activities will account for 70% of the students’ grade the other 30% will be from written tests, skills test and physical fitness testing.
    3. A maximum of 5 points per class may be earned for participation at the required level during class. Points may be earned in the following ways.

    A maximum of 5 points will be earned each class period if a student:

    • Participates to the best level of his/her ability
    • Shows good sportsmanship
    • Follows directions and class rules
    • Treats equipment with care in the proper manner

     One point will be deducted if a student:

    • Performs unsafe act(s).
    • Shows poor sportsmanship
    • Uses profanity.
    • Puts others down.
    • Breaks game rules or expectations intentionally.
    • Argues with others.
    • Is tardy to class.
    • 2 points will be deducted if a student fails to fully participate in class.
    • 0 points will be earned each class period if a student
    • Not dressed properly
    • Has an unexcused absence
    • Is being in subordinate
    • Is fighting
    • Destroys school property
    • Is not excused and not participating

    Semester Grading Policy

            100% - 90%              A

            89% - 80%                B

            79% - 70%                C

            69% - 60%                D

            59% & Below              F 

    How to earn make-up points for Medical Excuses or Excused Absences from class

    1. A written summary of any sports article from a newspaper or magazine will earn 5 points. The summary should be at least 1 page in length and hand written and includes a copy of the article and how it relates to Physical Education (if typed full page double spaced, size12 font with 1 inch margins).
    1. A sports article taken off the Internet at least one page in length about any activity we have done in class will earn 5 points. After the summary is turned in with the article attached.
    2. The summary needs to include the date in which the student was absent.

    Make up points must be completed by Friday of the week following that in which they were missed to get creditIf you are out sick or have a planned absence, you know what needs to be done to make up points. It is the responsibility of the student to earn required points. Every student in the class can earn a good grade by participating each day and making up points for missed classes.

    Detention Rules       

    Detentions will be assigned according to teacher discretion. If more detentions are assigned, an office referral and a call to your parents will be made. Failure to comply with these rules will result in office detentions and/or referral.

    Possible reasons

    • tardy to class
    • non participation
    • inappropriate behavior