• Welcome to 3D-Design

    3D-Design is a sculptural class where you will be building and manipulating a wide range of materials. This course will provide you with foundational knowledge of 3D art and design while also encouraging you to explore your creativity. The strength of this course is YOU! If you are willing to exercise your creativity and stay positive, you'll enjoy this journey.



  • Beginning 3D

    This level will cover the foundations of the elements and principles of design, textiles, sewing, ceramics, and paper art. We will also be exploring art through culture (past & present), social justice, digital awareness, and what creativity means.


    Special Studies 3D

    This course is designed to push past your foundational knowledge of 3D-Design and further your voice as an artist. Through exploration, critiques, research, trial & error, you will be asked to create sculptures based on prompts created by me the first semester and self-created prompts by the second semester. The year will be structured through explorations of materials, ideas, and research.