Buena Park FFA

Ag Scholar


  • The Buena Park Agriculture Program offers the three parts of a complete agricultural educational program: Classroom Instruction, Supervised Agriculture Experience Projects, and Leadership Development. 

    All Classroom Instruction involves teaching the basic concepts of the units taught within each of our courses offered.  Students are required to use their reading, writing, and thinking skills.  Assignments, tests, quizzes and cooperative learning projects are given and graded regularly.

    Our Supervised Agriculture Experience Projects supplement the education that takes place in the classroom.  Students are taught the various procedures and techniques used in Animals, Plants, and Ag Business.  They put these methods to use in “real life” situations both in and out of the classroom setting.  SAE’s are 20% percent of a student’s classroom grade (5 hours/month) and is based on their involvement and level of achievement in an SAE project.

    Our Leadership Development is taught through the FFA. An FFA Unit is taught in all Ag classes so students can build on their own leadership skills whether they are new to the program or continuing on.  We focus on leadership, responsibility, and cooperation.  Students put these traits to use through the various activities they participate in during their involvement in our program.  Students have an opportunity to participate in many local recreational and community service activities as well as competitive teams in several career areas and leadership development events.  All students are required to participate in FFA which is 20% (5 points/month) percent of their final classroom grade.


  •  Jessica

    Jessica Fernandes
    Department Chair
    Courses Taught:
    Sustainable Agriculture Biology
    Agriculture Government And Economics 

    Nordstrom Photo

    Marlisa Nordstrom
    Courses taught:
    Sustainable Agriculture Biology
    Veterinary Sciences  

    Scot Worrell

    Scot Worrell
    Courses taught:
    AP Environmental Science
    Agriculture and Soil Chemistry
    Ornamental Horticulture