North Orange County ROP
    The off campus Regional class schedule is only available online. For more information and an up-to-date on-line schedule, visit http://nocrop.us - Students-High School & Junior High-Regional Course Offerings.
    Pre-Registration Process:
    Students must see Mrs. Arciba to obtain a North Orange County ROP preregistration form. The student must complete and return the form to Mrs. Arciba. She will forward a copy of the pre-registration form to ROP via fax, scan/email, or by hand.
    Please note the following:
    1. Submitting a pre-registration form does not guarantee enrollment into the course.
    2. ROP may cancel a course offering at any time.
    3. ROP reports the attendance hours and final grades to the students’ high schools. The high schools determine and award transcript credit for students based on this information.
    4. ROP reserves the right to dismiss students from the course offering due to excessive absences, excessive tardiness, and other misbehavior.
    5. ROP updates this list of course offerings frequently due to changes resulting from funding, staffing, and student demand. Students should check www.nocrop.org at least a week before the anticipated class is to start because dates, times, locations, and instructors may change. Also, classes may be canceled or rescheduled.
    ROP courses are free of charge. Some classes do have pre-requisites. Students in a career pathway receive priority registration. Please see Mrs. Arciba or the ROP website for specific information.
     ROP Courses that are "a-g" approved: a-g
    On-Campus BPHS ROP Pathways/Classes:

    • Intro to Auto Technology
    • Auto Technology
    • Advanced Auto Technology

    • Visual Communications
    • Video Production


    • Computer Science Principles
    • Coding II


    • Art of Video Production
    • Video Production


    • Intro to Engineering Design
    • Principles of Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Engineering Design and Development


    • Medical Careers
    • Sports Medicine


    • Culinary Arts
    • Advanced Culinary
    • Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management





  • Mrs. Arciba

    Career Guidance Specialist