North Orange County ROP
    To enroll in an ROP course, you must see Mrs. Arciba for a pre-registration form.
    The off campus Regional class schedule is only available online. For more information and an up-to-date on-line schedule, visit http://nocrop.us - High School-AfterSchool Schedule
    ROP courses are free of charge. Please see Mrs. Arciba or the ROP website for specific information.
    Some classes do have pre-requisites. Students in a career pathway receive priority registration. 
    ROP Courses that are "a-g" approved: UC/CSU Approved Course list
    On-Campus BPHS ROP Pathways/Classes:

    • Intro to Auto Technology
    • Auto Technology
    • Advanced Auto Technology

    • Visual Communications
    • Computer Science Principles


    • Art of Video Production
    • Video Production


    • Intro to Engineering Design
    • Principles of Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Engineering Design and Development


    • Medical Careers
    • Sports Medicine


    • Culinary Arts
    • Advanced Culinary


    If you are interested in a Summer 2017 or Fall 2017 ROP course:

    Please use thelink found below to complete an online Google form. This form will provide ROP with information necessary to determine which courses to staff and the best schedules to meet student need. Please note this online form does not register you for ROP classes, nor does it guarantee the course option will be offered. Mrs. Arciba will provide you guidance on registration once course offerings and schedules are completed in early May.

    The online Google form will ask you to provide your name, phone number, email address, parent/guardian phone number, parent/guardian email address, course choice, and schedule preferences. You will receive a confirmation email which includes the information you submitted as well as a link you can use if you need to change your selections in the future.

    LINK: Can be found on the ROP website found at www.nocrop.org or by clicking the following link:

    ROP Interest Survey



  • Mrs. Arciba

    Career Guidance Specialist