• Builders and users of technological skills who:

    • acquire and demonstrate computer competency
    • compile, record and analyze data to create original reports and projects
    • effectively communicate in support of self-expression, research, and learning
    • exhibit self-directed learning


    Promoters of self-improvement who:

    • demonstrate continual growth in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics
    • enroll in courses which prepare them for post-secondary education
    • understand the benefit of being physically fit
    • explore work and career pathways


    Higher-level thinkers who:

    • initiate and complete academic tasks
    • read skillfully for enjoyment and information
    • meet or exceed academic standards
    • think critically, creatively, and independently to solve problems


    Sincere and active citizens who:

    • understand and participate in the democratic process through local community service
    • work collaboratively and accept community responsibility
    • demonstrate integrity and respect for self and others
    • value cultural diversity