• English





  • English 1, a college-preparatory course, concentrates on the basic skills of composition, language, and literature. Composition study includes the organization of the multi-paragraph essay. Grammar, vocabulary, spelling, speaking, listening, and reading and understanding literature are included. Competence in each skill is the basic objective.

    English 2, a college-preparatory course, continues the development of basic skills introduced in English 1. Composition study involves intensive review of how to organize and write the multi-paragraph essay.Literature emphasizes the study of increasingly challenging works in various genres. The course includes the study of vocabulary,Spelling, usage, and mechanics.

    English 3, a college-preparatory course, focuses on United States literature and further develops the study of language and composition. A variety of writing experiences in narrative, descriptive, and expository modes are included.

    English 4 provides the student with the opportunity to do advanced work in composition and literary analysis. Vocabulary, grammar, and other language skills necessary for college-level work are reviewed and practiced.


    Students in English 1 Honors and English 2 Honors are Dual Enrolled at CSUF earning GE Credit and units towards a minor in Reading and Literacy Education. Being Dual Enrolled is part of the Early College program. For testing dates, please go to Early College.