Extra Curricular Activities

  • StellarXplorers:  Is a National High School Challenge which provides a challenging, space system design competition involving all aspects of system development and operation with a spacecraft and payload focus. At Buena Park, we provide specific training in the use of system simulation software, Systems Tool Kit (STK) as well as an online textbook as a curriculum supplement and study resource for online “team” Quizzes given during the competition. Our teams have reached the top 10 National Finalists 4 years in a row. 

     SX1  SX2  

    Drones:  HQ AFJROTC has begun purchasing Drones to teach our cadets.  This is the technology of the future.  The military uses drones for many missions.  Recently in the news, Amazon and other companies are trying to get government and state authorization to use drones in many businesses. Today there are many jobs for drone pilots. https://uavcoach.com/uav-jobs/

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    SEA PERCH:  We are teaching students how to build SEA PERCH submarines from kits and race in local competitions.  We have made a course of rings that goes in our school's pool.  Students control the submarines by a tethered remote.  This was our first year and in future we hope to enter state and national competitions.  See sea perch photo attached with example of course.

    SP1  SP2    SP3.1  SP4

    Remote Control Aircraft (R/C):  SMSgt Carney is our R/C instructor pilot and  has a degree in Aeronautics.  He flies remote aircraft as a hobby and has taught several cadets the basics of aircraft aeronautics and flying one of several remote control aircraft in our JROTC program.  

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    Aerospace Engineering Academy: This is sponsored by Project Lead The Way Foundation.  This is a 6th period engineering course that includes StellarXplorers,  Aviation, Ground School, and other Aerospace Engineering projects. This course is a "G" Cal State/University of CA approved course. 

     AS1   1  

    Young Eagles Flights:  Volunteer pilots from Long Beach Airport support the Young Eagles Program and provide free flights to JROTC cadets. Cadets wanting the experience flying in an aircraft and possible fly one, can sign up for one of the 3 annual flights given in our program.


    Bata'an Memorial Death March:  Cadets march 14+ miles in memory of those who suffered and passed away during the Bata'an Death March, WW2.

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