Letter to Parent/Guardian

  • Dear Cadet Parents and Guardians,

    It’s that time of year again; time to get ready for our Annual Military Inspection (AMI).  AMI is the cornerstone of our cadet year, where we demonstrate the discipline and organization that the cadets have been working on since our first day together.

    AMI is scheduled for 16 February, 2024.  This year, we are privileged to have as our Inspecting Officer CDR Tom Garcia, our area manager.  

    There are inspection events planned all day, culminating in the pass in review ceremony at 1345 (1:45 PM) on that day.  You are cordially invited to come out to the La Habra Stadium and support your cadet.

    Cadets will be signed out of their afternoon classes for that day in order to attend the ceremony.  The ceremony and participation in inspection is mandatory for all cadets; we are graded on how many of them are present for inspection.  Please make every effort to have your cadet in school on time that day, so that the company may succeed as a whole.  Uniforms should be ironed, and all male cadets should get a haircut by 7 Feb.   No cadet should have extreme colors in their hair, and females should not have long or extremely colored nails.

    We look forward to seeing you at inspection.  If you have any questions, please contact us at rballister@fjuhsd.org (CDR Ballister) or dwhite@fjuhsd.org (Master Gunnery Sgt White), or else call the office at (266) 562-5051.

    Sincerely and with great respect,

    CDR Rob Ballister, CEC, USN (ret)
    Senior Naval Science Instructor
    La Habra High School