• TT Senior Internship

    The shortcut to this page is internship.troyhigh.com. There is also a page for Juniors preinternship.troyhigh.com Interested in mentoring a student at your business site? Click here.

    The 2024 Troy Tech Fair was held on Wednesday, April 24, 2024 featuring 397 Troy Tech Seniors and their Internships. Troy Tech Recognition Ceremony from April 24 can be viewed here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDsyrii1_vU

    TT Fair Ceremony

    Last year's Mentor Breakfast Thank You Event was held the morning of October 6, 2023. Mentors were invited to Troy's North Gym or to join the livestream https://youtu.be/fyanEVprRlY

    Mentor Breakfast 2018

    Summer Interns must start the first week of summer school and intern a minimum of 25 hours and maximum of 40 hours per week continuously until the 150 hours have been completed. Summer Interns may not interrupt their Internship tenure for vacation or any other purposes. You may not exceed an 8-hour workday.

    Any programs or out-of-area internship considerations should be approved by Mrs. Downum-Bonnett. Request the out of area Internship instructions by email troytech@fjuhsd.org

    Summer timesheets are due every Monday at 8:00 am (submit on Google Classroom at the end of prior week). Google classroom stream shows submitted internship documents and is updated each Monday evening.

    During the school year, timesheets and documents are due on the last day of each month to Ms. Darracq - submit to Google classroom.

    Downum-Bonnett, Troy Tech Coordinator (714) 626-4520 Ldownum@fjuhsd.org

    Blake, Intern Advisor (714) 626-5804 sblake@fjuhsd.org

    Darracq, Intern Advisor (714) 626-4582 sdarracq@fjuhsd.org

    Echaves, Intern Advisor 714-626-4587 mechaves@fjuhsd.org

    Grant, Intern Advisor 714-626-4459 kgrant@fjuhsd.org

    Laubhan, Intern Advisor 714-626-4464 llaubhan@fjuhsd.org

    Liem, Intern Advisor (714) 626-4584 rliem@fjuhsd.org 

    Link A., Intern Advisor (714) 626-4517 alink@fjuhsd.org 

    Park D., Intern Advisor (714) 626-4549 dpark@fjuhsd.org

    Reid, Intern Advisor (714) 626-4583 mreid@fjuhsd.org

    St. Clair, Intern Advisor (714) 626-4580 dstclair@fjuhsd.org

    Documents are available to students on Google classroom.