• TT Juniors Pre-Internship

    The shortcut to this page is preinternship.troyhigh.com. There is also a page for seniors internship.troyhigh.com Interested in mentoring a student at your business site? Click here.

    Pre-Internship is a junior requirement that must be completed in order to qualify for Troy Tech Senior Internship. The Troy Tech Juniors will been assigned Coaches who will guide this year of preparation. Pre-Internship requirements, handbook, and other materials developed by our coaches will be available to students in Google classroom and emailed to parents.

    2021-2022 Pre-Internship Coaches: Blake, Darracq, Laubhan, Liem, Link, Park, Reid, St. Clair, Thomas

    The Pre-Interns will receive monthly emails from me reminding them of upcoming requirements and due dates. Please refer to the dates listed in the schedule (link below). 

    Mrs. Downum-Bonnett, Troy Tech Coordinator Ldownum@fjuhsd.org

    AssignmentsAll assignments will be posted in Google classroom and details emailed to you and your parents. Your 2 Job Shadows are due Dec 3 and Feb 25, but can be completed in advance. Ideas are posted in Google classroom. Please use the list of past sites wisely; the list contains invaluable professionals and connections to Troy. You can make your own new contacts too. Communicate politely and keep in mind that mentors are busy! Select a few to contact, wait a week, and follow up. See your coach if you have questions.

    Summer Internship Details - Virtual and In-person options are available.

    • Tues March 15, 2022 evening meeting to review details.
    • Mon, June 6, 2022 8:00 am Mandatory Summer Intern Mtg, Lecture Hall-3 Forms Due/Summer intern start earning between 25-40 hours per week, consecutive weeks until 150 hours are earned. Summer Interns may not interrupt their Internship tenure for vacation or any other purposes. You may not exceed an 8-hour workday. Any programs or out-of-area internship considerations should be approved by Mrs. Downum-Bonnett. Refer to the out of area Internship instructions below.
    • Wed, July 13, 2022 Latest date to complete Summer Internship. All paperwork due by 12:00 noon, Any programs or out-of-area internships should be approved by Mrs. Downum
    • There is also the option for August 2022-May 2023 Internship term.