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    Located: TRHS Library                         Located: TRHS Front Office

    Phone:(714) 626-4430                           Phone:(714) 626-4474

    Email: srosner@fjuhsd.org                  Email: jowilliams@fjuhsd.org 

    WELCOME! The following services are offered:

    • College Admissions Information                  

    • College Representative Visits 

    • College Workshops 

    • Scholarship Applications

    • Financial Aid Information

    • Volunteer Opportunities

    • College and Career Night   

    • Armed Services Resources    

    • Summer Programs

    • Dual Enrollment 

    • Work Permits 

    • Naviance Services


    California Colleges.edu


    College / Career / Financial Aid

    The California College Guidance Initiative manages CaliforniaColleges.edu, the state of California’s official college and career planning platform, which is free to all California educators, students, and families.  

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    Road Trip Nations Career Finder offers a look at careers you may be interested in. Get tons of careers, majors, and high school classes that match what you like to do.




                  Insights and Tools to Help You Identify Your Career Direction...

     1. Possibilities. Picture your best life.

                                                        2. Strengths. Uncover your abilities and talents.

                                           3. Internships, Mentors, Jobs, Resumes, Videos, & More

                                               4. High School Career Pathways, College Career Pathways, Contact a College Counselor, & Programs

    California Career Zone


    The California CareerZone is a web-based career exploration system available free of charge. Users can learn about themselves and how they might matchup with 900 O*NET occupations that detail the job definition, interests, tasks, skills, and more. Approximately 300 of the occupations have videos showing a typical day in the life of someone in that occupation.