Welcome to the College & University Page! Below is a grade by grade suggestion for college planning. The dropdown menu will lead you to information about CSU, Community College, Private College, and University of CA schools.

  • Ninth Grade

    • Build strong academic, language, mathematics, and critical thinking skills by taking challenging courses.
    • Review your courses for this year and be sure you're taking those required to meet graduation requirements.
    • Do your best in all classes. 
    • Join extracurricular groups such as clubs, sports teams, or ASB.  Look for additional volunteer opportunities.
    • Attend a college fair or visit a local college of interest.
    • Locate summer enrichment program opportunities, college and scholarship information.
    • Discuss college plans with parents, friends, and teachers.
    • Meet with your counselor to plan classes for your sophomore year.
    • Take an extra class or participate in a summer enrichment porgram to enhance your academic skills.
    • Read and write.
    Tenth Grade

    • Do well academically.  This year is very important.
    • Take the PSAT/NMSQT.
    • Review score reports
    • Review options for summer opportunities
    • Review summer plans; try to visit a few colleges.
    • End the year with a strong academic record.
    • Attend a college fair, if available.
    • Engage in meaningful activities.
    • Visit a few colleges.
    • Engage in summer reading.
    Eleventh Grade

    • Concentrate on doing well academically.
    • Take the PSAT/NMSQT in October.
    • Attend college fairs.
    • Go over PSAT/NMSQT score report results.
    • Develop a list of colleges that interest you.
    • Check testing calendar for SAT and ACT test dates.
    • Preview course selection for next year.
    • Continue college research.
    • Visit college campuses.
    • End the year with strong grades.
    • Visit colleges.
    • Enage in activities such as community service and special-interest programs.
    • If you are an athlete planning to continue playing a sport in college, register with the NCAA
      Eligibility Center
      Create a resume-a record of accomplishments, activities, and work experiences since you started high school.
    • Request applications from colleges and check application dates.
    Twelfth Grade

    • Meet college representatives.
    • Attend college fairs.
    • Investigate scholarship opportunitites.
    • Visit colleges.
    • Refine your college list. 
    • Begin Early Decision, Early Action or rolling admissions applications as soon as possible. 
    • Request letters of recommendations from your teachers and counselor. 
    • Start preparing for your personal statement and essays. 
    • Register for the SAT or ACT.
    • Complete applications by their deadlines.
    • Complete initial CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE if required by the colleges to which you are applying.
    • Send seventh-semester grades if requested by the college.
    • Stay focused academically.  Colleges will still look at senior year grades. 
    • File FAFSA and CSS PROFILE forms for financial aid.
    • Receive notifications from colleges.
    • Make final decision and notify college.
    • Mail deposit.
    • Take AP/IB exams, if applicable.
    • Request final transcripts sent to your college.