This signed agreement is mandatory before being issued a chromebook. 


    PURPOSE: Fullerton Joint Union School District (FJUHSD) may provide and assign students a Chromebook for use at school and at home as a means to promote achievement and provide flexible learning opportunities. This agreement provides guidelines and information about expectations for students and families who are being issued these one-to-one (1:1) devices. In addition to this agreement, the use of district-provided technology also requires students to abide by the Student Code of Conduct and all policies related to technology acceptable use.

    Our expectation is students will responsibly use District technology and network resources. We also expect students will keep their District-issued devices safe, secure and in good working order. This agreement includes the following specific responsibilities and restrictions.

    RESPONSIBILITIES - The student will:

    1. Bring their Chromebook to school each day with a full charge.
    2. Communicate responsibly and ethically using school appropriate language, speech and images.
    3. Report any instance of cyberbullying, personal attacks or threats toward anyone made to school personnel.
    4. Follow copyright laws and fair use, and proper care guidelines.
    5. Upon request, make the Chromebook available for inspection by any administrator or teacher.
    6. Understand all electronic communication, activities and files accessed on District technology or networks are not      private and may be viewed, monitored or archived by the District at any time.
    7. Students will use their Chromebook during class time for academic purposes only.
    8. Students will only use FJUHSD wireless network connections at school and will not connect to any cellular network or non-district wireless access point while at school.

    RESTRICTIONS - The student will not:

    1. Mark, deface, or place non-removeable stickers on the Chromebook.
    2. Reveal/post identifying personal information, files or communications to unknown persons through email or other
    3. Bypass or otherwise change the Internet filtering software, device settings, or network configurations.
    4. Tamper with hardware or software, attempt unauthorized entry into and/or vandalize or destroy the computer or computer files.
    5. Attempt to locate, view, share, or store any materials that are unacceptable in the school setting. This includes but is not limited to pornographic, obscene, graphically violent, racist, or vulgar images, sounds, music, language, video or other material that violates District policies, procedures, guidelines or student codes of conduct. The criteria for acceptability is demonstrated in the types of material made available to students by staff and the school media center.

    I also understand that it is impossible for the Fullerton Joint Union High School District to restrict access to all controversial or inappropriate materials, and I will not hold the District responsible for materials acquired at school or at home. I understand that I am responsible for any fees/fines for inappropriate use of District provided Wi-Fi. Student 1:1 devices, in compliance with Federal Law, are configured so Internet content is filtered at all schools within FJUHSD. When students are using the device off school grounds, FJUHSD will not be able to monitor student use.

    By signing this agreement, you agree to abide by the conditions listed above and assume responsibility for the care and proper use of FJUHSD technology. You understand should you fail to honor all the terms of this agreement, access to 1:1 technology, the Internet, and other electronic media may be denied in the future. Student misuse will be subject to disciplinary action outlined in the FJUHSD Student Code of Conduct.

    As the parent/guardian, my signature indicates I have read and understand this Responsible Use and Safety Agreement, and give my permission for my child to have access to and use District-issued technology.

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    As the student, my signature indicates I have read or had explained to me and understand this Responsible Use and Safety Agreement and accept responsibility to abide by the terms and conditions outlined.

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