Chromebook Insurance Information

  • Chromebook Insurance must be paid by September 15, 2020 for the 20-21 School Year 

    Troy High School is pleased to announce that the Fullerton Joint Union High School District School Board of Trustees and Cabinet have approved the distribution of Chromebooks for each student. This Chromebook will be issued to your child for their use at school and home. We are excited to make this powerful tool available to our students. We also understand that both students and parents are naturally concerned about keeping these tools secure and in good working order.


    Like textbooks, team uniforms and other school property issued to your child, there is a responsibility to take appropriate care of these valuable resources. The Chromebook is no different, but it does represent a cost to the district and consequent liability to students and parents. We have a warranty in place to cover the Chromebooks covered for manufacturing defects, but we know loss and accidents may also happen, even when students take good care of the device. In these instances, district policies, state regulations and practices require a fine be levied to cover the repair or replacement cost of district property. With Chromebooks, the cost of loss or damage is lower than many other technology tools, but it can still be significant.


    In response, the district has developed a voluntary FJUHSD Insurance Program for Chromebooks as follows:


    • Prior to Chromebook distribution, parents make a payment of $25 to enroll in the FJUHSD Insurance Program for the current school year.  This payment is reduced to $10 if a student qualifies for free lunch.


    • In the event a student's Chromebook is accidentally damaged, the fine for repair costs (typically between $30 and the full $350 value of the Chromebook) will be waived, and the Chromebook will be repaired at no cost to the family (the number of covered repairs per year is capped at two). Willful damage will still result in a fine. Damage assessment will be at the sole discretion of the District.


    • In the event a Chromebook is lost or stolen, the fine for full replacement valued at $350 will be reduced to a $40 deductible. Upon payment of this fine (or creation of an approved payment plan), the student will be issued a replacement Chromebook. However, the parent will not be eligible to enroll in the FJUHSD Insurance Program for a second time in the same school year, and will be financially responsible for replacement or repair costs associated with the second Chromebook. If the Chromebook is stolen off-campus, file a police report within 24 hours and bring a copy to school.


    • If the lost or stolen Chromebook is recovered in good working condition, the fine will be refunded.


    • Families who choose to enroll, and have more than two children receiving Chromebooks will only be required to pay for a maximum of two FJUHSD Insurance payments to cover all devices per school year.


    • Exclusions - The charger, and any other peripherals issued with the Chromebook are NOT covered by the FJUHSD Insurance Program. If these items are lost or damaged, a fine will be issued for replacement cost. An equivalent replacement item may be accepted in lieu of the fine at the sole discretion of Fullerton Joint Union High School District representatives.


    • If a family leaves the District, but does not return the Chromebook, they will be fined for the full replacement cost, and standard rules for the restriction of records and transcripts will apply. Law enforcement may be involved for the purpose of recovering district property.


    If you choose not to enroll in the FJUHSD Insurance Program, you will be financially responsible for the full cost for repair or replacement of the Chromebook.