Proper Care & Handling of Chromebook

  • Protect Your Chromebook!

    You are strongly encouraged to use a case as added protection for your Chromebook.


    Troy High School’s Charging Policy is that all students must bring their Chromebook to school each day with a full charge.


    The bottom of your Chromebook is a cooling surface; it needs proper airflow to perform properly. Keep your Chromebook well ventilated.


    Don't drop them. This can break the hinge, latch, or worse. Keep your Chromebook away from the edges of tables and desks.


    Keep liquids away from your Chromebook. Liquids damage the electronic components quickly and easily. Always put water bottles or any other liquids on the floor while using.

    The Screen

    Your Chromebook’s LCD Display is a very expensive component, and physical damage to it is not covered by warranty. If you drop your Chromebook or slam the lid shut, it may crack. Make sure you don't have anything between the screen and keyboard as you close the case such as a pencil. Don't place items on top of your Chromebook as the weight can cause damage to the screen.  Always keep magnetic devices away from your Chromebook.

    Keep It Clean

    Don't use your Chromebook while you eat. Make sure your hands are clean when using your Chromebook. To clean, shutdown your Chromebook and disconnect the charger. Use a damp, soft, lint- free cloth to clean the computer's exterior and screen.  Avoid getting moisture in any openings. Do not spray liquid directly on the computer. Don't use aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives.  DO NOT PERMANENTLY MARK YOUR DEVICE IN ANY WAY!  VIOLATION OF THIS POLICY WILL RESULT IN A FINE.

    Proper Way to Carry Your Chromebook

    Be sure to use both hands if you are moving your Chromebook.  Never lift or carry by the screen as you can either break the screen or damage the hinge. It is safer to close the Chromebook before moving.

    Authorized Users

    The school Chromebook is assigned to you for your use alone. Please don't allow others to use your device. Remember you are responsible for any damage or misuse.

    Keep Your Chromebook Secure

    Please keep Chromebook in a secure area when not in use. Do not leave your Chromebook sitting in an empty classroom or any other area without adult supervision.

    Malfunctions/Repairs Needed

    Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair your Chromebook. Touching the wrong components may not only damage the computer and may seriously hurt you. Report the failure to your teacher.

    Returning Your Chromebook

    You may keep the Chromebook the entire time you are enrolled at Troy including through the summer.  You may return the chromebook for the summers but you will not receive the exact same chromebook when check another out for the school year.  When you graduate, transfer, or disenroll from Troy, you are expected to return the Chromebook.