Grade Reports and Credit Recovery

  • Grades are available to students and parents on Aeries Dot Net (ADN). Please check the Aeries link for information on how to set up your accounts
    • Only students receiving a "D" or "F" will receive a grade report in the mail.
    • Progress grades are posted at the half way point of each quarter. Teachers are not required to give a progress grade unless the student is receiving a "D" or "F".
    • Quarter grades are required for all students.
    • Semester grades are required for all students. These are the grades that will appear on the student’s transcript
    • For every three unexcused absences in a period, the teacher may deduct one credit. If the student is behind no more than two credits, they may be made up through Saturday School Credit Recovery. Partial credit loss (up to 4 credits) may also be recovered through the APEX Online Curriculum program.
    • If a student has received one or more F’s, they will not receive any credits and will have to make up the class in summer school, the following year, or through La Vista or La Sierra.
    • Teacher Aide classes receive Credit/No Credit only.