• In order to find out if you have purchased a yearbook for the 2020/2021 school year, or any other items, please visit our website  


    Please then use the “quick link” ASB Student Store on the bottom right of the homepage.  Here you will be instructed on how to create an account if this is your first visit to our new 2021 website.  Be sure to add all FJUHSD student names into your “family” on your account.   


    If you have visited this new store already and have already created your new 2021 account,  please log-in to your account.


    In your account, please use the option “Account Information” then click on “Order History” option which will display all purchases made on your behalf for this school year. 


    If you need to make a new purchase, please use the drop down menu “school” found at the top left of the page and click on the relevant school site items for sale and proceed with your purchase. 


    If you have students at multiple schools, you can view and purchase items for each of your students according to availability at each site in one transaction.   


    You will not be able to view available items at any sites if you have not logged into your account and if you have not registered each of your students in your account.