• GUEST PASSES: Troy High School allows students to bring non-Troy guests to select dances upon Administrator approval.

    The completed, signed and approved contract must be presented along with a photocopy of the guest's home school ID card MUST be presented at the time of purchase of the guest ticket. 

    Please find below a link to download and print the Dance Guest Pass for non-Troy guests.  Please read the instructions carefully and ensure that all required approval and signatures are included prior to purchasing guest passes in person at the Activities Window. 

    Troy High School Administration reserves the right to refuse admittance to any dance guest who does not currently attend Troy High School. 

    The guest must be of at least high school age and be enrolled in school and the guest's school must provide requested information on the guest pass contract. 

    Guests who have finished high school are permitted with an age limit of 20. 

    All guests and students must present a current, valid picture ID upon entering the dance.