Testing Schedule

Math Placement

    Math Placement Test Dates: 
    If your child attends a school that feeds into the Fullerton Joint Union High School District, math placement is as follows:
    Math 8 Placement Testing: TBD
    Algebra & Geometry testing: TBD
    Absent students for testing/outside of district testing:
    Students not enrolled in a feeder school, students attending private schools, and students absent on the day of the placement exam will need to register for the challenge/make up test.  Parents can sign up for their high school of attendance by clicking on the google form link below. 

    *Students outside of a feeder school or attending a private school and have been accepted into the Troy Tech IB program do not need to take the math placement exam. Contact the Troy Tech Director, Laurie Downum at troytech@fjuhsd.org if you have any questions.