Board Adopted Goals

  • These Board-adopted goals will guide the decisions which affect the staff and students of our high schools.

    High quality programs of sufficient breadth and depth will be provided so that students upon graduation will have reached or surpassed District achievement standards and will have a satisfactory level of knowledge and skills to continue their formal education and/or enter a productive occupation.

    Students will meet District standards in attendance and personal behavior.
    Adequate and secure physical facilities, grounds, and equipment will be provided and satisfactorily maintained.

    Sound management of District resources will be provided.

    There will be effective internal and external communications.

    Students, staff, parents, and other community members will be properly recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the District.

    Parents, staff, and students will be satisfied with the support, the quality, and the characteristics of the schools/school district.

    Moral and Civic Values

    The Board of Trustees of the Fullerton Joint Union High School District subscribes to the belief that public education must foster in students an understanding of the moral values and civic responsibilities that form the foundation of American society. It is important that all school personnel promote in students the acceptance of commonly held principles of right and wrong, concern for the welfare of others, and respect for democratic practices. On October 4, 1994, the Board of Trustees endorsed the following list of moral and civic values and the accompanying definitions which are stated as behaviors exemplified by students living up to these values.

    Civic Duty

    Demonstrates a commitment to the public good; works for the community and cooperates with others; respects and participates in the democratic process; observes all laws and rules; and resolves conflicts peacefully.

    Compassion and Empathy

    Demonstrates caring, concern, and sensitivity; exhibits tolerance; treats others politely, mercifully, and with respect and dignity; and renders service when needed.


    Tells truth; does not cheat, intentionally mislead, or steal; possesses the courage to behave and conduct interactions with integrity; exhibits consistency between words and actions; behaves in a fair and straightforward manner; and conscientiously pursues and scrutinizes evidence that supports the truth.


    Exhibits patience and hard work in achieving goals; works, learns, and pursues constructive goals, even in the face of adversity.


    Treats all people equitably, justly, and fairly; affirms the worth of self, others, property, and the environment through attitudes and actions.


    Accepts the necessity of being accountable and the consequences of individual actions, reactions, and decisions; honors commitments; demonstrates an active commitment to the welfare of self and others.

    Students will have to make moral and ethical choices throughout their lives. The goal of emphasizing moral and civic values in the District's instructional programs is to provide the knowledge of what an ethical choice is; to distinguish between what can be done from what should be done; and to provide tools for maintaining the strength and character of our successful American democratic society and government.

Goals and Priorities