California Credential Information


    California Commission Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) requires that all credentials needing renewal to be renewed online with either a VISA or a MasterCard. This renewal may be done up to a year in advance without any loss of time to your current document. Once processed, renewed documents may be downloaded from the CCTC website as needed.

    Please follow the guidelines listed on the CTC webpage for renewal.

    CCTC Credential Renewal Link

    CCTC provides two printable document versions: "Printer Friendly" and "Details of Selected Credential" (DSC). This district requires the "DSC" (as the document number and dates of validity are shown). A copy of the "DSC" is required for your HR file, as well as for any position being applied for that requires a credential.

    To print your document, select the "DSC" version and hit "Control + P." District employees may also select "file" and "send" on the toolbar to forward a copy via email to Certificated Personnel Technician-

Last Modified on June 15, 2022